FedEx Field has a Lot of History

FedExField Grandeur as Home to Washington Redskins

FedExField plays home to the Washington Redskins football team so get your cheap Washington Redskins tickets online to watch this young team win a title. The team has a game participation history that spans back to 1932 having taken part in over 1000 games. The field sits on 200 acres ground in Maryland, precisely the county of Prince George and can host 85,000 seated spectators. This capability gives the field the first rank on the National Football League’s list of largest venues. FedFexField spent a construction budget of 250 million Dollars after a need to replace the Redskins former stadium arose. Jack Kent Cooke, Redskins team owner, was the project’s author in 1994 that opened for usage in 1997. According to the team, it took 17 months for the field’s completion.

The ground where the stadium sits was originally a farm land. The name of the location took the name Raljohn after incorporating the first names of Cooke’s sons before the stadium building commenced. This name eventually changed to Landover after the team’s sell-off to Daniel Synder. After Synder’s take over, FedEx acquired the naming rights in 1999 at an average annual rate of 7.6 million Dollars. Subsequently, major renovations have taken place including construction of a 30 million Dollars foot atrium that goes round the whole field. Other additions include a radiant heating system, more seats and escalators.

The Washington Redskins home stadium features five levels with some of them drawing their names from the team’s significant figures. There are 243 suites at the Suites Levels, 15,044 seats at the club level and luxury boxes. Conspicuously, the stadium adopted an Eco-friendly energy sourcing after installing more than 8000 solar panels thus managing to help in saving 15 percent of the energy costs. The solar project had an installation cost of 12.7 million dollars.

While accessing the field, visitors have the option of using Blue line metro-rail. There are several directions from which the stadium can be accessed. From Northern Virginia, one can go through Woodrow Wilson Bridge then Capital Heights to Walker Mill road, Ritchie road and then to Garrett A. Morgan Blvd that leads into the stadium. The other routes include from Northern Virginia through American Legion Bridge or George Washington Parkway. During the game days, the parking lots are open four hours prior to the game’s kickoff. The lots comprise of Burgundy, Gray Lot, Which offers cash services, and Platinum A, E and F.

The stadium hosts yearly classic college football matches between universities, and it is also a popular soccer venue during the off-season.