How Does DC Do This Year?

The Big Question Marks about Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins is an American football team which is located in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Their home stadium is FedEx Field, which is in Landover, Maryland. The team plays professional American football and is a member of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team has got a successful history of winning 5 NFL championship titles, with two being pre-merger and the other three being Super Bowls. They actually have 13 NFL divisional titles and six NFL conference championships. But recently, they’ve been disappointing their fans so cheap Redskins tickets are easy to find.

Last season, Washington Redskins did not perform as it was expected by their huge fan base. The next season is going to be quite competitive with nearly every team in NFL determined to make the playoffs. The Redskins should learn from their weaknesses of last season and improve on their strengths so as to win their upcoming match fixtures. We shall examine their biggest weakness and strength as well as suggest on how they can improve on their game.

Washington Redskins have the weakness of embracing their old playing styles. This is evident especially in their Quarterback (QB). They have been using the Read Option technique in their quarter back, which is no longer useful in the NFL at this time. If they can try and do away with those old fashioned playing techniques and adopt newer techniques in their QB, I believe they can win most of their games next season. They can start to use pocket passer over read option. I think the coaching was their big issue of concern last season. This would also help them in reducing the injury rate of players.

Fans and employees, via their reviews, have been complaining that the management of the team is quite poor. However, the team now has got new top management officials who are promising something next season. The Redskins have some hope in their hew head coach. Jay Gruden seems to be a serious coach and will make things better next season than it was last season. A coach should have a strategy of winning the game and not trying to entertain the fans. After you win the game, your fans will be delighted automatically. The coach is the biggest asset of the Washington Redskins because he determines how the games will be played. Their new coaching is their biggest strength for the next season.