FedEx Field has a Lot of History

FedExField Grandeur as Home to Washington Redskins

FedExField plays home to the Washington Redskins football team so get your cheap Washington Redskins tickets online to watch this young team win a title. The team has a game participation history that spans back to 1932 having taken part in over 1000 games. The field sits on 200 acres ground in Maryland, precisely the county of Prince George and can host 85,000 seated spectators. This capability gives the field the first rank on the National Football League’s list of largest venues. FedFexField spent a construction budget of 250 million Dollars after a need to replace the Redskins former stadium arose. Jack Kent Cooke, Redskins team owner, was the project’s author in 1994 that opened for usage in 1997. According to the team, it took 17 months for the field’s completion.

The ground where the stadium sits was originally a farm land. The name of the location took the name Raljohn after incorporating the first names of Cooke’s sons before the stadium building commenced. This name eventually changed to Landover after the team’s sell-off to Daniel Synder. After Synder’s take over, FedEx acquired the naming rights in 1999 at an average annual rate of 7.6 million Dollars. Subsequently, major renovations have taken place including construction of a 30 million Dollars foot atrium that goes round the whole field. Other additions include a radiant heating system, more seats and escalators.

The Washington Redskins home stadium features five levels with some of them drawing their names from the team’s significant figures. There are 243 suites at the Suites Levels, 15,044 seats at the club level and luxury boxes. Conspicuously, the stadium adopted an Eco-friendly energy sourcing after installing more than 8000 solar panels thus managing to help in saving 15 percent of the energy costs. The solar project had an installation cost of 12.7 million dollars.

While accessing the field, visitors have the option of using Blue line metro-rail. There are several directions from which the stadium can be accessed. From Northern Virginia, one can go through Woodrow Wilson Bridge then Capital Heights to Walker Mill road, Ritchie road and then to Garrett A. Morgan Blvd that leads into the stadium. The other routes include from Northern Virginia through American Legion Bridge or George Washington Parkway. During the game days, the parking lots are open four hours prior to the game’s kickoff. The lots comprise of Burgundy, Gray Lot, Which offers cash services, and Platinum A, E and F.

The stadium hosts yearly classic college football matches between universities, and it is also a popular soccer venue during the off-season.

Casey Bringing The Packers Back To The Ship?

Are the Green Bay Packers serious contenders for the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team that hails from the Green Bay area of Wisconsin. This iconic team happens to be part of the North Division National football conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The Packers are the 3rd oldest franchise in the NFL, and their long and widely eventful history can be traced way back nearly a century to when the team was first formed in 1919. Getting cheap Green Bay Packers tickets is never easy but searching online can help ease that process.

At the present time, the Green Bay Packers are the only non-profit and community owned major league professional team in the entire US. With all this unmatched attributes this team has a lot riding for them this season. And if statistics can be believed, they can be one of the top contenders for the 2014-2015 season which kicked off on the evening of April 8. This obviously stems from their unmatched track record, and to this day the Packers are the only team to win 13 league championships. The most recent being the action-packed Super Bowl XLV in 2011.

As most NFL pundits would have it, the Green Bay Packers’ most potent strength, and also some might say weakness, lies in their defense lineup. And with the return of Aaron Rodgers (their star quarterback) the future definitely looks bright for them. Nevertheless, this dependency can also be seen as a weakness, and it’s high time the Packers got an excellent replacement and backup, as putting all your eggs in one basket is not the ideal strategy to make it to the playoffs. The Packers have also enlisted the services of Matt Flyne on a rather short 1 year contract. The head coach Mike Mccarthy, has been quoted severally making allusions to his being keen on developing a much younger quarterback. So Packers fans should keep their fingers crossed on that score.

The cornerback position is another area the Green Bay Packers need to work on, despite the return of Casey Hayward from the hamstring injury that ended his 2013 season. Finally the outside linebacker is also another precarious position, regardless the large pool of talent this team can draw from. Such as the beyond pro bowler Clay Matthews, first round pick Nick Perry, and even the versatile Julius Peppers. All in all the Packers need to get their house in order if they wish to replicate the astounding Super Bowl XLV performance, and bring more renown to their pacesetting record.

Making Shift to First Place

O’s Could take first but it will take effort

As the middle of the season nears, the Baltimore Orioles are in the hunt for the first place in the American League East so finding cheap Baltimore Orioles tickets is ridiculously difficult. They have been able to keep within a few games of first place ahead of Toronto Blue Jays who are having an exceptional first half. The Orioles are keeping neck and neck with the New York Yankees taking turns in second place for most of the beginning of the season. With the midpoint of the season around the corner the Orioles have to buckle down and show some consistency if they hope to win the division.

With the season ending injury and subsequent surgery to catcher Matt Wieters, the Orioles have gone without a good bat and arguable one of the best defensive catchers in the game right now. Having others who have the potential, but have not shown it this season get on a hot streak is key success. J.J. Hardy who had a breakout season and an all-star appearance last year finally hit his first home run of the season in mid-June. For a team that lives and dies by the long ball, there is hope that Hardy could pull things back together. Last year’s league’s leading home run hitter Chris Davis is also not having the luck with the home run that he had last year. New comer to the team Nelson Cruz is having the most success with his new team leading in most offensive categories.

Their pitching needs to have more consistency if the Baltimore Orioles are looking for a post season run. The big contract for ace pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez has not panned out as well as the Orioles front office had hoped, as he did not have a winning record in the first half of the season. The rest of the starting pitching is good when they are on and terrible when they are not. Relief pitcher Zack Britton has been lights out after going from a starter to the closer roll, a need the Orioles have wanted to fill since the departure of Jim Johnson last year.

The Baltimore Orioles are playing much better than in the past and fans have hope that they can get hot during the second half of the season. Manager Buck Showalter’s emphasis is not looking at the standings and to try and win each series. This approach has been working since he arrived and if the right players get hot the Orioles may be able to grind their way into first place but it will take constancy and a little bit of luck.

How Does DC Do This Year?

The Big Question Marks about Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins is an American football team which is located in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Their home stadium is FedEx Field, which is in Landover, Maryland. The team plays professional American football and is a member of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team has got a successful history of winning 5 NFL championship titles, with two being pre-merger and the other three being Super Bowls. They actually have 13 NFL divisional titles and six NFL conference championships. But recently, they’ve been disappointing their fans so cheap Redskins tickets are easy to find.

Last season, Washington Redskins did not perform as it was expected by their huge fan base. The next season is going to be quite competitive with nearly every team in NFL determined to make the playoffs. The Redskins should learn from their weaknesses of last season and improve on their strengths so as to win their upcoming match fixtures. We shall examine their biggest weakness and strength as well as suggest on how they can improve on their game.

Washington Redskins have the weakness of embracing their old playing styles. This is evident especially in their Quarterback (QB). They have been using the Read Option technique in their quarter back, which is no longer useful in the NFL at this time. If they can try and do away with those old fashioned playing techniques and adopt newer techniques in their QB, I believe they can win most of their games next season. They can start to use pocket passer over read option. I think the coaching was their big issue of concern last season. This would also help them in reducing the injury rate of players.

Fans and employees, via their reviews, have been complaining that the management of the team is quite poor. However, the team now has got new top management officials who are promising something next season. The Redskins have some hope in their hew head coach. Jay Gruden seems to be a serious coach and will make things better next season than it was last season. A coach should have a strategy of winning the game and not trying to entertain the fans. After you win the game, your fans will be delighted automatically. The coach is the biggest asset of the Washington Redskins because he determines how the games will be played. Their new coaching is their biggest strength for the next season.

Star Roles in Book of Mormon Musical

Who is who in the cast of the Book of Mormon

The musical about two Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda creates a unique religious satire. With the local people ruled by a warlord, the play creates a funny and educational story. Things quickly go awry because the Ugandan people – who the Mormon missionaries are supposedly there to convert – care less about religion but they are focused on poverty and AIDS. I would advise visiting a ticketing website to get cheap Book of Mormon tickets as they sell like hot cakes. It has seen its presence felt since its debut in 2011 and even won the Best Musical Theatre album at the Grammy awards in 2012. The creators (Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez) chose their cast using the best criteria possible because each character in the play fits exactly in their part. Here is the Broadway cast for the book of Mormon:

Nic Rouleau plays Elder Prince

He holds a bachelors degree in music from the New York University and is featured as the main character in the play. He has taken part in many other musicals since the launch of his career.

Benn Platt plays Elder Cunningham

Having played major roles in many musicals like the smash hit “Pitch Perfect”, Platt is perfect for this part playing as the co-main character together with Nic.

Syesha Mercado plays Nabulungi

Having been the second runner’s up in American idol season 7, it is no surprise that she is topping the list of cast for the Broadway Book of Mormon. Having a major in Theatre from Florida International University and having taken part in many major commercials, she is deemed fit for the spot.

Matt Loehr plays elder McKinley

With extensive places in Broadway as well as other theatres, he brings out elder McKinley’s character to perfection.

Daniel Breaker plays Mafala Hatimbi

Having schooled at the Juilliard School, Breaker has literally broken his way into the theatre industry and made a huge name or him. Having taken part in major productions like Fabulation and Red hot summer, he wills more than does justice to the spot offered.

Derrick Williams plays General

From casting as Mufasa in the hit animation The Lion King, he has been on several Broadway theatre productions as well as TV commercials. He is suited to his character and is thrilled to have it.

Others who play as the ensemble include: Jacob Widmar, Stephen Anthony, Daxton Bloomquist, Ryan Breslin, Terren Wooten Clarke, Christian Delcroix, Delius Doherty, Ben Estus, Marja Harmon, Phyre Hawkins, Bre Jackson, Darius Nicholes, John Eric Parker, Nick Spangler, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Tomar Wilson and Candice Woods.

Some of those playing swing include: Christopher Rice, Tyson Jennete, Jeff Heimbrock, Cammile Eanga-Selenge and Graham Bowen.

NFC East

It’s A Hit Or Miss For NY Giants Season 2014

The 2014 football season is right around the corner. Just a couple more months until the preseason games starting August 3rd. Right off the bat it’s the New York Giants against the Buffalo Bills. Now, the New York Giants came out with seven wins and nine losses season 2013. They are predicted to not do so hot this upcoming season as well. Although, they did pick up some key players, they also released some that made up a lot of skill for the team so finding cheap NY Giants tickets will be easy.

For the regular season of 2014, the New York Giants are going up against the Detroit Lions. This might be a bit tougher for the Giants for the simple fact that the Detroit Lions has a new coach this season. The prediction is for the Giants to start off with a loss (for a third year in a row) from all the heat they would be undertaking. The second game of the season for the Giants is up against the Arizona Cardinals. Now, this game is at the Giants home and you would think they’d have home field advantage. The thing you have to think about most is how the Giants are going to be learning a new offense causing another predicted loss.

Let’s move to week three where the New York Giants face the Houston Texans. The Texans are probably going to start off not so great like season 2013 with six losses in a row. This gives the New York Giants their first win! Now, that’s if the Texans aren’t dramatically upset with last year’s start up. Next up is the New York Giants at the Washington Redskin stadium. Robert Griffin III got injured pretty badly half way through season 2013, but predictions are he’s going to try and make a comeback just in case his injuries cost him another season. The second win for the New York Giants are predicted to be week 5 against the Atlanta Falcons. Although, you really can’t predict a game going up against Roddy White and Julio Jones whom can spread fear and weakness through players bones. Let’s face it; they’re just that good! The next couple weeks are predicted for New York Giants to win, but in all reality it’s a tossup. The New York Giants are along the same lines as the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. They should win against those two, but don’t keep your hopes up! Week 9 should be the comeback for the Giants after coming off of a 14 day bye week. If they don’t win this one against the Indianapolis Colts then they should throw in the towel and give up on 2014 season!

Overall, it’s not looking too good for the New York Giants, but only time will tell if the predictions are correct.

NFL SuperBowl Champs

The Great Steelers Nation

With arguably the richest history in this history of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most recognizable forces in the American Football scenario. Playing from the Heinz Field as their home ground, the Steelers have the maximum number of Super Bowl Championships to their name having won 6 out of their 8 appearances in the Super Bowl. The Steelers also have the record for the maximum number of Super Bowl appearances, with the record of 8 appearances being shared with the Dallas Cowboys makes Pittsburgh Steelers tickets more valuable.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have traditionally been a team which have reveled in the success of a good draft. Since the time spent under the management of Chuck Noll, the Steelers have been had a good draft in most of the seasons. The Steelers are the only team to have selected four futures Hall of Famers in one draft, which was in the draft of the season of 1974. Being backed by the fan base that is endearing called the Steeler Nation; the Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most solid fan bases for any team throughout the world. The expectation of the fan base serves as a motivation for the players to go that extra mile for the team. The resources at the disposal of the Steelers coupled with the fact that the owners of the team have not changed constantly do serve as strength in itself. The owners show deep interest in the management of the team and take it upon themselves to help the team where they can.

The Steelers usually have a balance between their offense and their defense, but in their most successful seasons, the offense of the Steelers has fared better than the defense. Being a cause of worry for the management and the fans alike, the defense needs to be shored to match the standard of a team of the stature of the Pittsburgh Steelers. While change can be beneficial in the long, the tendency of the owners to have constant changes in the management do have an adverse effect as the players need time to adapt to each such change. In the competitive market of the NFL, it is imperative that the Steelers ensure that their flow of resources is not reduced by the competition.

Usually a powerhouse in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers have failed to qualify for the playoffs for two successive seasons. While many will call for sweeping changes in the roster, what is needed is a bit of tinkering both in the roster and the philosophy. To win their games the Steelers need the infusion of new blood in their defense that can bring speed to the back line. While the offense may seem to be in tandem, the off season must be used to prepare the offense perfectly for the 2014 season. While the team may seem fit for a playoff berth, the lack of depth in the squad points to the need of ensuring the fitness of the team throughout the season.

NYC Tunes

Enjoy Refreshing Top Upcoming Concerts In New York City In July

If you find live music exciting, refreshing and appealing, then there is no better place to be than in New York City for at least a few coming months. The city is certainly a paradise for music fans so buy concert tickets online and save big time. It is home to numerous venerated concert halls that host rising stars as well as superstars every week. Below is a small sample of the upcoming concerts in New York:

July 2 – Billy Joel at Madison Square
New York’s icon and living legend Billy Joel will perform one concert each month at the Madison Square Garden to entertain his most loyal fans. Perhaps this decision was as a result of the near-instant sell out of his tickets at previous shows in the city. He says he will keep performing every month as long as people show up. The next show is scheduled for July 2.

July 4 – Ed Sheeran at Rockefeller center
This accomplished acoustic guitarist turned rock/R&B heartthrob will have plenty of teenagers dancing to his tunes on the July 4 at the Rockefeller center. He will be playing a couple of tunes from his latest album that is he released just the other day. Get to the venue early to get a good seat and catch all the songs.

July 8 – Andrew Bird & the Hand of Glory at Rumsey Playfield
Known for his unique bow-oriented instrument skills and rustic sensibility, this indie star from Chicago brings his amazing sounds to Rumsey Playfield at Central Park. His show is part of the summer stage. This is one concert you don’t want to miss if you love indie rock, and want to expand your horizons.

July 9 – Katy Perry at Madison Square
The sensational singer may have no idea how to pronounce the word ‘unconditionally’ but without a doubt she has a knack for belting out hit singles. Katy Perry has more songs that have sold 5 million digital copies than any other artist. She will be lighting up the Madison Square with her powerful voice on 9 July. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to catch the show as she has other concerts scheduled later in the month on 24 an 25.

July 25 – Kings of Leon at Rumsey Playfield
There is no question that the Tennessee-born rock stars are rapidly climbing to rock-royalty status. Kings of Leon will play their unconventional and wildly entertaining alternative sounds for free at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park in the early morning of July 25 for Good Morning America. Be sure to get up early if you want to catch this band in action.