Star Roles in Book of Mormon Musical

Who is who in the cast of the Book of Mormon

The musical about two Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda creates a unique religious satire. With the local people ruled by a warlord, the play creates a funny and educational story. Things quickly go awry because the Ugandan people – who the Mormon missionaries are supposedly there to convert – care less about religion but they are focused on poverty and AIDS. I would advise visiting a ticketing website to get cheap Book of Mormon tickets as they sell like hot cakes. It has seen its presence felt since its debut in 2011 and even won the Best Musical Theatre album at the Grammy awards in 2012. The creators (Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez) chose their cast using the best criteria possible because each character in the play fits exactly in their part. Here is the Broadway cast for the book of Mormon:

Nic Rouleau plays Elder Prince

He holds a bachelors degree in music from the New York University and is featured as the main character in the play. He has taken part in many other musicals since the launch of his career.

Benn Platt plays Elder Cunningham

Having played major roles in many musicals like the smash hit “Pitch Perfect”, Platt is perfect for this part playing as the co-main character together with Nic.

Syesha Mercado plays Nabulungi

Having been the second runner’s up in American idol season 7, it is no surprise that she is topping the list of cast for the Broadway Book of Mormon. Having a major in Theatre from Florida International University and having taken part in many major commercials, she is deemed fit for the spot.

Matt Loehr plays elder McKinley

With extensive places in Broadway as well as other theatres, he brings out elder McKinley’s character to perfection.

Daniel Breaker plays Mafala Hatimbi

Having schooled at the Juilliard School, Breaker has literally broken his way into the theatre industry and made a huge name or him. Having taken part in major productions like Fabulation and Red hot summer, he wills more than does justice to the spot offered.

Derrick Williams plays General

From casting as Mufasa in the hit animation The Lion King, he has been on several Broadway theatre productions as well as TV commercials. He is suited to his character and is thrilled to have it.

Others who play as the ensemble include: Jacob Widmar, Stephen Anthony, Daxton Bloomquist, Ryan Breslin, Terren Wooten Clarke, Christian Delcroix, Delius Doherty, Ben Estus, Marja Harmon, Phyre Hawkins, Bre Jackson, Darius Nicholes, John Eric Parker, Nick Spangler, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Tomar Wilson and Candice Woods.

Some of those playing swing include: Christopher Rice, Tyson Jennete, Jeff Heimbrock, Cammile Eanga-Selenge and Graham Bowen.